1 in 8 women 
suffer from

Mom and Baby

Our commitment is to increase awareness and advance education concerning the emotional, mental and physical challenges families experience during the postpartum months.

Our mission is to provide videos on our After Birth Project YouTube channel to dramatically illustrate and improve what currently exists in our culture for meeting the needs of postpartum mothers, their infants and partners.

We are promoting the facilitation of positive change in the area of support and resources provided to families during the first year after birth.

This year of transition is a vulnerable one for many families and can put some mothers at risk for postpartum depression, which in turn can put their baby at risk for compromised care and stability.

1 in 8 women suffer from postpartum depression. The After Birth Project YouTube channel will present current and accurate scientific and medical information on maternal depression, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Mothers are suffering from these conditions not because of a lack of caring but a lack of understanding, not because of a lack of intelligence but a lack of knowledge.

Our intention is that families, professionals and educators everywhere will use this website and the After Birth Project You Tube Channel as a resource to inspire, guide and facilitate change.