Postpartum Depression
affects approximately
half a million women
per year in the us.

Mom and Baby

The After Birth Project will expose the startling and largely unknown facts and conditions existing in our culture for postpartum families. It will reveal why having a baby in our country can be one of the most isolating and sometimes even dangerous experiences. 1 out of every 8 women experience significant depression, anxiety, intrusive repetitive thoughts, panic, or post  traumatic stress disorder after childbirth. Left untreated, some cases have had fatal consequences for moms and babies.

The After Birth Project will detail the postpartum experience in America in contrast to other cultures. Other nations demonstrate more positive postpartum experiences through diverse and nurturing options. We will present examples of these and also American local communities and organizations that have established a positive model.

Please join us by following on our YouTube Channel in our quest to create a more aware, compassionate and healthy world for moms and babies.